The Dias & Filhos company has a diversified fleet with modern and recent vehicles. The company has more than 80 vehicles some of which equipped for specific services.       
  All our vehicles are equipped with a GPS localization system which allow for real time monitoring of client transports..    
  Somme of the main equipments that we propose to our clients are:    
    vehicles equipped with ADR    
    lmega Trailer    
    box double deck    
    cloth hanging    
    elevated roofio    
    elevation platform    
      ... Professionalism
    ... Transparency
  ... Honesty
... Sustainability
  00 351 239688046  

Dias & Filhos has its own truck repair shops with full time mechanic teams. We implement a constant and rigorous maintenance of all our vehicles which guaranty a high level of quality and trip security.


Parking with more than 5000 square meters.


Automatic vehicles washing equipment.


Residual water recuperation and treatment facilities.


Administrative installation with dedicated formation space.